Nicole de Haas

Nicole her mediumship unfoldment started in Holland, but soon after her start she went to the Arthur Findlay College to continue her unfoldment as a medium and in 2015 she became a full tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.
Nicole acquired the CSNU in 2012 for demonstrating and public speaking – this qualifies her as a medium through the English SNU. Throughout her life Nicole has felt a lot of things intuitively and as a child she was always very sensitive. However, Nicole grew up in an environment where there was no space to unfold her sensitivity. Her spiritual development really moved ahead after she came in touch with various forms of energy work and healing. In this period she discovered her mediumistic ability. Before her work as a medium, Nicole worked in the field of psychology, social work and kinesiology and she is qualified in those aspects.

Psychology is her passion as she feels it is important to include this in the training of mediumship as she does in Holland. Nicole teaches and demonstrates various aspects of mediumship throughout her own country and other countries, like Finland, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. From her Centre for Mediumship and Training Nicole provides a 3-year training course in mediumship and also in healing. Besides this, she offers several workshops in the field of mediumship.

She likes to bring understanding of Spiritualism in all its aspects. Her aim is to inspire, to connect, to touch and to reunite people with their loved ones, with her passion for and dedication to the world of Spirit. Being a teacher, she believes that we can tell but students forget, that we can teach but students will only remember and that the most important aspect of teaching is to involve, as students will learn, not only about Spiritualism and mediumship but also about themselves and about life.