Inspiring Sunday Meetings

'Celebrate life' is a new collaboration between the Zwanenhof and the Centre for Mediumship and Training! A series of meetings during which being together with each other and with the Spiritual World, sharing and experiencing play a central role. We live in a world in which it is sometimes very nice to experience a reconnection with ourselves, the Spiritual World and the bigger picture. These experiences -meetings- are based on the Spiritualist services like those that are held in a Spiritualist Church; however, our meetings will also have their own character: a character that is in line with the Zwanenhof.

The next coming meeting is on Sunday, 19th of March, from 11:30 - 13:00 in the Chapel of the Zwanenhof. The official part takes about an hour and afterwards it is possible, for those who are interested, to share and talk with each other.

Meetings in 2017, again on Sunday: 15th of January, 19th of March, 21st of May, 9th of July, 17th of September and 19th of November. On Friday 22nd of December there is a Christmas meeting at 19.30.

Practical information

  • ‘Meetings’ are in Dutch; ask if there is translation available!
  • It is not necessary to register 
  • Price for meetings: free 
  • Price for lunch: 12,50 | Sign up: or +31 74 265 95 25 
  • From 11.30 - 13.00. Except the Christmas meeting (see above)